the trail of jordan – brooklyn


Spent a few days over the past couple weeks working on a project about Michael Jordan’s life and career. Michael is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, and the Tribune went all out to revisit every step along his path for a massive 32-page special section. I got to work on a couple parts of this story, including that little southern part of heaven where Mr. Jordan went to school.

Michael was born in Brooklyn, but only lived there as a toddler so there aren’t a lot of direct links to his time there. I visited the hospital where he was born, the courts in this first neighborhood near Fort Greene, and tracked down a mural on the Lower East Side.

Also got a little addicted to the tilt-shift lens on this project, and which I’m not allowing myself near for awhile. I used it to try an illustrate the idea of the places I visited that were related to Michael’s life, even though the things that were going on there in 2009 weren’t always directly applicable. It’s a gimmick, but I think it helped in some cases.

(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)


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