“This is where I used to grab the El going downtown, at Irving Park, and it’s also the new station where the funding fixed up the Brown Line when I was congressman. This is the neighborhood where I raised my kids.”  —Rahm Emanuel, at the CTA Brown Line stop at Irving Park

(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

As the Chicago mayoral race started to take shape late last year, I brainstormed ways I could contribute visually to the coverage. In talking with Photo Assignment Editor Rob Kozloff, we noticed that all the major candidates were from different neighborhoods including North, West and South Side representation. I thought that photographing each of the candidates in their own neighborhoods would be a fun and informative way to provide a little more background on who each of them are.

I started reaching out to the candidate’s representatives in late November. I asked each to suggest any place they’d like to be photographed that was important to them in their own neighborhoods.  Depending on their personal histories, some chose areas where they had grown up and others where they had been living more recently.

My goal was for their chosen places to be able to tell the reader a little about their background; we had each describe their location in their own words below those photographs in the Tribune this week.

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