mayor emanuel

I covered Rahm Emanuel’s victory celebration last night at a Near West Side plumbers’ union hall from the press riser, an angle that provides a clean (but expected) straight shot at a smiling candidate and his supporters. To try and add another dimension on the locally historic moment I tried placing a remote camera at the back of the stage overlooking the whole room.

It was somewhat successful, but his backdrop family and friends and their signs were pressed too close to Emanuel to see him clearly for most of the speech. (The guy in the bright white sweater right in front of the camera most of the time didn’t help either.) Such is the unpredictability of remote camera locations that are in place hours before the crowd arrives.

It’s not readable enough to lead a front page, but I still liked this image of Rahm hugging his brother Ezekiel as a different perspective on the moment.

(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)


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