reunited with timmy tebow

Visited Mile High Stadium for the first time on a beautiful day for a memorable football game. It was fun to see Tim Tebow again, who I covered for three years at Florida. (Luckily I didn’t cover his high school championship game, even though I remember it, because then I’d be old).

I think it was the first game I’ve seen go to halftime 0-0, and by the fourth quarter I was thinking of photos that would be good to illustrate a shutout. Then the Bears managed to blow their 10-0 lead in spectacularly inept fashion, highlighted when Marion Barber ran out of bounds with a minute left when they could have run out the clock. So there was plenty of time for Tebow magic to tie the game.

The Bears were in position to win the game in overtime anyway, but Barber fumbled away that opportunity. It always makes editing a whole lot quicker when you can immediately identify a play of the game, and luckily I was able to see it from my shooting position. From there it was inevitable that Tebow would lead the Broncos down for their game-winning field goal.

I think these Bears are about free to make vacation plans the first week in January.


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