late night marching orders

I spent most of Saturday in Wrigleyville looking for anti-NATO protesters who never made it out to the Cubs-Sox game before being called to the Loop late in the evening. Several hundred people marching in unplanned demonstrations around downtown had a few clashes with Chicago police who cut off their access to Grant Park and North Michigan Avenue earlier, but from most of what I saw the crowd and the officers were peaceful and cooperative.

I joined the last band of protesters who, seemingly spontaneously, meandered about four miles from the Financial District to the West Loop, then south through Greektown and University Village. They may have been headed to Bridgeport, but Chicago police cut them off at Cermak and by then they’d lost their steam and much of their numbers. The strategy of just letting the protesters walk themselves to sleep seemed to work out on this day. The last band of about 50 people headed for the Chinatown CTA Red Line stop to go find somewhere to sleep.


One thought on “late night marching orders

  1. As a suburban police officer,I would like to personally thank you for the effort you put forth in documenting the events as they took place… The pictures you captured of the police supervisor being struck on the head with the stick, and subsequent response by the other officers around him, as well as the manner you worded how the events unfolded truly are appreciated…So often many stories involving police officers are reported in an uncomplementary manner, and it is refreshing to see someone have the integrity to report and document the whole truth as its unfolded…Thank You again for your commitment and professionalism…Be safe!!!!

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