les nomades

A few items off the dinner menu at the beautiful Les Nomades, in Streeterville: lobster salad, foie gras, chocolate tart and duck consomme.


kate and erik

I had the pleasure of attending my friends Kate and Erik’s wedding last weekend at the University Club of Chicago. I wasn’t the wedding photographer, but when I have a camera in my hands it’s hard to resist capturing a few of the beautiful moments.

take a big bite

There’s a few annual events in Chicago I’m on my third or fourth go-around shooting, and the challenge to see it differently gets harder. Taste of Chicago is actually one of the hardest assignments to come back from with a photo I like. If I see one more guy in a sleeveless t-shirt gnawing on a turkey leg…

Here’s a couple I liked yesterday, along with a bonus from a performance by the band fun. when lead singer Nate Ruess accidentally knocked off his own sunglasses.

tazer’s hungry

Jonathan Toews would love to sample some of your barbecue sauces, Barn & Co.

shots fired


Neighbors watch as Chicago police investigate the scene where multiple people were shot at 2903 N Kilpatrick Ave on Friday, June 21, 2013. 

the view from here

The dusk view from home, becoming my favorite time and place.

vegan options


The vegan menu at Next restaurant.